Khaled al-Jabri, the son of former Saudi intelligence officer Saad al-Jabri, said that the last Saudi threat to his father’s life was two weeks ago, and that the intelligence services in Canada and America were aware of this.

He confirmed that his father filed a lawsuit against Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, after his efforts over three years had failed to use all quiet diplomatic means to reconcile with the government.

Al-Jabri the son stated, in an exclusive interview with the US network CNN, on Friday, that his family faced an illegal cross-border “terrorist” campaign that sought to kill his father and take his two brothers (Omar and Sara) who are currently being held in the kingdom as “hostages.” .

In another statement to BuzzFeed News, Ibn Al-Jabri said that he had not received any news of his two brothers since they were detained in Saudi Arabia about five months ago, confirming that he had really reached the main question at this stage: "Are they alive, or are they dead?"

Al-Jabri indicated that he received a call, via FaceTime, from his sister before her disappearance, and she was at the airport crying after officers told her that she could not travel without understanding the reason.

He added that at the heart of this story are innocent people who have nothing to do with any political conspiracy or any state secrets, and that he hopes his two brothers will return to their family.

According to Al-Jabri's son, his father was forced in the end to seek accountability and justice by filing a case before a US federal court, "in the hope that the current case will help us end this torment, extract Omar and Sarah's freedom and reunite with us, protect my father, and end the nightmare for my family."

About the lawsuit filed by his father, he said, "We love Saudi Arabia and we do not have an agenda. We hope that the other party will come to the table, and there is no need to kidnap children or send assassination squads."

Earlier, al-Jabri, the father, said, after his dispute with the Crown Prince, that an assassination squad traveled from the Kingdom to Canada in an attempt to kill him, just days after the journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed by members of the same group.

This came, according to Al-Jabri, in a lawsuit he filed in a court in Washington, DC, last Thursday.

Al-Jabri, the crown prince in the lawsuit, was accused of "sending a team to kill him more than a year after he fled Saudi Arabia, and rejecting the repeated efforts by the Crown Prince to lure him to return to the Kingdom."

Al-Jabri named several members of the alleged team in the lawsuit, including two of those accused of being behind the killing of Khashoggi in October 2018.

And according to the lawsuit, Saudi Crown Prince Al-Jabri demanded to return immediately to the Kingdom, through several messages via WhatsApp.

Al-Jabri says that bin Salman told him that he would “use all available means to return him to the country,” and threatened him to take measures that would harm him, according to al-Jabri’s accusations in the case, in which he indicated that the crown prince prevented his sons from leaving the country.

The American Network stated that the Saudi government in Riyadh, its embassy in Washington, and the Crown Prince Charitable Foundation "MiSK" did not respond to requests for comment on the story.

Nine months before Al-Jabri claimed that the Saudi team had arrived in Canada to kill him, FBI agents warned his son Khaled of the threats that al-Jabri and his family could face, according to the lawsuit.

Khaled arrived in Boston, and at Logan Airport, accompanied by two FBI agents, according to the case papers, as he was informed of the Saudi Crown Prince's campaign to "stalk" his father and his family in the United States, and he was urged to exercise caution.

An advisor to al-Jabri spoke about the details of the Saudis, who had traveled to Canada and were returned from the airport, and said that they came from Western intelligence sources and private investigators.

Both the CIA and the FBI refused to comment, while congressional officials familiar with Jabri's allegations were unable to confirm the intelligence information, according to what the US network reported.