President Trump Thinking of signing the presidential decree with additional economic measures August 8 10:51

As the ruling and opposition parties continue to confront the U.S. parliament over additional economic measures following the spread of the new coronavirus, President Trump held a press conference on the 7th and prepared to take measures with the authority of the president, making a concession to the Democratic Party. I approached.

The U.S. parliament is considering a total of 1 trillion dollars (100 trillion yen in Japanese yen) in the US Congress over additional economic measures to respond to the spread of the new coronavirus・The Democratic Party wants three times the scale, and adjustments are difficult.

In response, President Trump said in a press conference on the 7th, saying, "If the Democratic Party continues to hostage important relief measures, I will act under the authority of the President." Revealed the idea of ​​signing a presidential decree.

While it is unclear how effective a presidential decree without parliamentary agreement would be, President Trump also suggested that the Democratic Party's unemployment insurance policy would be extended until the end of the year. I approached the concession.

In the United States, the unemployment rate remained high in the 10% range in the last month, and there is growing concern that the prolonged spread of new coronavirus infections will delay the economic recovery.However, the opposition of the ruling and opposition parties will become more intense before the presidential election. I am.