Chinanews, August 8th, a comprehensive report, on the 7th local time, the Lebanese president said that he had known that there were chemicals in Beirut port in July and had already ordered action at that time. At present, the Beirut port explosion has caused 157 deaths. A French official who assisted in the investigation said that “the death toll will increase.”

On August 5, local time, after the Beirut port exploded, only one wall was left in a wheat warehouse originally built at the port.

Multiple departments have issued at least 10 warnings

  The latest documents show that in the past six years, Lebanese customs, military, security agencies and judicial departments have issued at least 10 warnings, saying that there are a large number of explosive chemicals in the central port of Beirut, and there is almost no security guarantee.

  On August 7, local time, Lebanese President Aoun stated that the first time he was informed of hazardous chemicals in the port was on July 20, nearly three weeks ago. He said that he immediately ordered the military and security agencies to "take necessary actions." But he said that he has no jurisdiction over this port, and the previous government has long been informed of the existence of chemicals.

  According to reports, at least 16 port workers have been detained so far, and others have been questioned. On the 7th, investigators questioned Hassan Kolaitem, the head of the port, Badri Dahl, the customs chief, and Dahl’s predecessor, and ordered their detention.

On the evening of August 4, local time, a violent explosion occurred in the port area of ​​Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The picture shows the injured sitting by the roadside waiting for rescue.

"The death toll will increase"

  On the 7th, French and Russian search and rescue personnel continued to conduct search and rescue activities at the port. In addition, France has sent a team of 22 investigators to Lebanon to help investigate the cause of the accident.

  According to the Lebanese Ministry of Health, the death toll from the explosion has risen to 157. French second forensic police officer Dominique Abenanti said on the 7th that the explosion "seems to be an accident", but it is too early to make a conclusion. He also predicted that "the death toll will increase."

On August 5, local time, after a violent explosion occurred in the Beirut port area of ​​Lebanon, the buildings on the scene were severely damaged.

  On the evening of August 4, local time, a violent explosion occurred in the port area of ​​Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, causing thousands of casualties and dozens of missing. The direct and indirect losses may be as high as 15 billion US dollars. At present, the rescue operation is still in progress. At the same time, the Lebanese government has launched an investigation into the explosion, and the investigation committee was required to submit a report within 4 days. Some official sources blamed the incident on "inaction and negligence."

  In order to help Lebanon, which has been hit hard, many countries are also urgently mobilizing personnel and materials for assistance.