Foreign media also showed interest in the controversy over the dress of the legislator Ryu Ho-jeong of the National Assembly.

US CNN said, "The Korean lawmaker was criticized for her dress," and "What is her offense? She wore a dress."

"The baptism of profanity online aimed at her clothing choices sparked controversy," CNN said. "In Korea, women have long complained about sexism and patriarchal culture."

He pointed out that the proportion of female lawmakers in the National Assembly is 19%, the highest in the history of the Korean legislature, but still lower than international standards.

CNN reported, "Even though Korea is an advanced country, many feminists see it as a difficult place as a woman." "Women have been opposed to discrimination, sexual violence and harassment in the workplace, and unreasonable aesthetic standards."

The British Guardian said, "After being criticized for attending a plenary session wearing a gorgeous dress, Korea is facing an old-fashioned attitude towards women at work."

After quoting Ryu's remark that'I don't think the authority of the National Assembly is built up from suits', "Rep. Ryu is one of the Korean women's movements to challenge old-world expectations about how women should show themselves to the public." I evaluated it.