Henny Harjusola, 25, a beauty video blogger and hairdresser who followed for thousands, was caught in the middle of an impending incident earlier this week where he was besieged by unknown men.

Events from the Kivilahti shopping spree spread to the public when the men uploaded videos of the situation to YouTube. Harjusola has not commented on the events on his own social media channels.

Harjusola tells Ilta-Sanomat that the situation started when he was picking up a package from K-Market and two previously unknown men were waiting for him at the store door. When Harjusola stepped out of the store with his friend, the men began to photograph and insult him.

- Did you know that those who look like you are being beaten in other countries, but we are in Finland, one of the men is threatening with a video and spitting on Harjusola's feet.

Harjusola remains calm in the situation, although one of the men who behaves menacingly will photograph him up close. The threat turns into an interview with the middle fingers.

- After that, they moved farther and continued shouting from there. At that point, maybe I took hot myself. I told them some back in it and asked about their age. It turned out that these were not teenage boys, but adult men, Harjusola tells IS.

The shocking videos started spreading on social media like wildfire and have garnered a total of over a hundred thousand views in a few days.

Harjusola says that he found out the identities of the men in an instant thanks to the messages from the followers.

The shocking videos started spreading on social media like wildfire. They have garnered a total of over a hundred thousand views in a few days.

Photo: Rio Gandara / HS

Harjusola told his followers last year that he had started a sex correction process. At the same time, the sometime known as Henry changed his name to Henny.

It also quickly became clear that threatening situations and defamation are commonplace for gender minorities.

- Usually it's not that radical, more of that kind of angle behind the scream. No one should say that I am accustomed to that kind of, but, unfortunately, but this is how it is.

Harjusola says he intends to file a criminal report for gender-based harassment.

- Toi is a terribly unfortunate situation for transgender people in general, because it is really commonplace. If the gender correction process is just beginning, you may be talking about really outrageous things in public places.

- It is really harmful to anyone, but when a person is going through a really big process, that is not the kind of thing he should hear.

Henny Harjusola has risen to the general public's awareness of social media, in addition to which she is known as a beauty professional.

Photo: Rio Gandara / HS

Harjusola states that transphobia is still a very common thing in today's world, especially in Finland.

- That was what it was about when he told me that people like you would be beaten if they weren't in Finland. It refers to a fully directly to the fact that I was born biologically male and later repaired in my life my gender.

- Transgender is not yet accepted here in any way. Trance, for example, is a really offensive word. It is commonly used for transvestites and is not an acronym for transgender, he continues.

Harjusola works both as a hairdresser and as a beauty blogger and beauty influencer. His Youtube channel has over a hundred thousand subscribers and his Instagram account has 79 thousand followers. Harjusola set up its Youtube channel in January 2016.

Harjusola has openly told his followers about his beauty procedures, including injection treatments and three Brazilian butt lifts.

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