The British government has urged France to step up action against refugees who are crossing the English Channel by boat. France must intercept the people off its coast and bring them back, writes the responsible British State Secretary Chris Philp in a guest article in the Daily Telegraph . "The French need to ensure that migrants caught trying to reach the UK by boat cannot do it again," said Philp.

He suggested registering migrants by fingerprint after attempting illegal entry and called for "real consequences" such as deportation or imprisonment. He wants to present his demands to his colleague in Paris next week.

On Saturday, 33 refugees were rescued on the English Channel on their way to Great Britain. First, a French patrol boat attacked 17 people on two unseaworthy boats northeast of Calais, as the French authorities announced. During a second mission, 16 other people were rescued in a boat off Sangatte. 

Since the beginning of the year, the French authorities have reportedly apprehended at least 810 refugees and migrants in the English Channel. According to British media reports, more than 3,400 people have made the crossing so far.

Britain is considering the use of warships

The British Home Secretary Priti Patel described the number of migrants on Twitter on Friday as "alarming and unacceptably high". She called on France to work to reduce the number. Her department confirmed reports that Britain is considering using warships in the English Channel. The Ministry of Defense said it had received an official request from the Ministry of Interior. Now check carefully how you can help most effectively.

In July, France and Great Britain decided on a joint special police unit to combat refugee smugglers. The unit will consist of six British and six French police officers each. It is said to have its headquarters in Coquelles near Calais, from where many migrants try to cross the English Channel.