In Brazil, the number of corona deaths has passed 100,000 on Saturday evening and the number of corona infections has passed 3 million. Experts expect the number of deaths and infections to only increase.

Between March and the end of June, Brazil recorded 50,000 corona deaths, which has doubled within 50 days. In the United States alone, there are more corona infections (4.9 million) and corona deaths (162,000).

Despite the record figures, the Brazilian government continues to announce new easing. For example, restaurants and shops are reopening in many cities and international air traffic has been allowed again since July 30.

"We are experiencing the tragedy of a world war, but Brazil seems to be under collective anesthetic," said Dr. José Davi Urbaez of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. Urbaez and other health experts are deeply concerned that Brazil still has not put in place a nationally coordinated plan against the virus.


São Paulo digs mass graves in corona-ravaged Brazil

Bolsonaro: 'Economic consequences more deadly than virus itself'

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is known for marginalizing the coronavirus. He repeatedly called the virus "a little flu" and claimed that "the economic consequences of the virus are more deadly than the virus itself".

Last month, Bolsonaro himself contracted the corona virus. He went into isolation and said he felt good. Last week, the president announced that he had recovered from the virus. The day after the negative corona test, the president reappeared in public at a meeting with his supporters, without a mask.

Two health ministers, both doctors, have resigned due to disagreements with Bolsonaro about the approach to fighting the corona virus. The current acting health minister is a general in the Brazilian army, and has withdrawn the general call to maintain social distance.

"The current message from the Brazilian government is: get the coronavirus. If you get very sick, you can go to intensive care," said Urbaez.

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