The ANWB reports that it is already busy on the roads to the beaches, including Hoek van Holland and Zandvoort. The traffic service also expects heavy traffic on European roads this weekend due to departing and returning holiday travelers.

Delays have already occurred on the roads to Zandvoort, Castricum aan Zee and Hoek van Holland around 9.30 am. The ANWB expects heavy traffic on the roads to the beaches all day long due to the warm weather.

Long traffic jams are also expected on European roads on Saturday due to both departing and returning holiday traffic. On Saturday morning, people were already more than an hour and a half delayed in a southern direction between Lyon and Narbonne. There are also early traffic jams on the Autoroute du Soleil.

In Germany it will be very busy in both directions this weekend on the A7 from Hamburg to the Danish border.

#France # A7 # A9 via Lyon -> Orange-> Narbonne more than 1.5 hours delay.

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Prepare for heat

Due to the high temperatures, the ANWB advises people to be better prepared for the road. "Bring extra water and an umbrella. So that if you break down next to the guardrail, you can at least get some shelter," said a spokesman.

The ANWB recommends that you only leave after 10 a.m. on Saturday to avoid the biggest crowds.