The man convicted of the May stabbing of Meri-Rastila in Helsinki has appealed against his verdict, the BTI of the Helsinki District Court is being reported.

The stabbing took place at Meri-Rastila Square near the metro station on Tuesday evening, May 5th. Police caught the perpetrator that night.

According to a district court ruling, the 26-year-old man grabbed the victim with a hug and hit him five times in the back and back of his head with a knife.

According to the law, the victim's injuries were potentially life-threatening. The victim is a man born in 1980.

The victim and the stabber did not know each other before. According to the court, the stabbing had come as a surprise to the victim.

According to the verdict, the perpetrator has said he had talked to his ex-girlfriend and the man, born in 1980, had come to stand behind him. The perpetrator had experienced the man interfering in his affairs. He had taken a knife from his backpack and hit the victim, the verdict says.

The stabber admitted aggravated assault

The district court sentenced Joel Sebastian Hirvonen, 26, for killing the company to four years in prison. The verdict is not final.

The district court issued its verdict as early as the beginning of July, but the written verdict was not sent to STT until Thursday.

Hirvonen admitted that he had used a knife and caused the victim's injuries. However, according to Hirvonen, his intention was not to kill the victim. Instead, he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, the verdict says.

According to the court, no evidence has been adduced that Hirvonen intended to kill the victim, but he must have considered the victim's death to be a fairly probable consequence of his actions. Accordingly, the court found Hirvonen guilty of killing the company.