One of the most famous legends of British football, 53-year-old Paul Gascoigne, opened up to English magazines about his son’s bisexuality.

Gascoigne’s son, 24-year-old Regan, revealed last fall first in a newspaper interview and then in presenter Lorraine Kelly’s TV show that she was bisexual.

Prior to his son’s public exit, futis legend Gascoigne had no idea that his son had been dating men.

- He sent me a text message the night before. Then the next day I saw it on TV, Gascoigne told the Daily Mail.

Futislegenda's answer to that was exactly what the boy had hoped for. Regan says his father replied that “I love you no matter what happens”.

- I told him it didn't matter what you did. I support you 100%. You have to do things that will make you happy, Paul Gascoigne said.

“Gazza” says she is proud of her son, who works as a dancer and had the courage to talk about things in public.

Regan also says in a Daily Mail story that his father has shown his full support.

- I'm bisexual, going around with men and women. I am really open the case. However, I haven’t had a lot of relationships. I've been dating longer than just three people. I haven’t told my father, but I don’t think he would be bothered, Rega said in a TV interview that revealed the matter to Paul Gascoigne.

Gascoigne, considered one of the greatest promises of English football through the ages, has been bred by Newcastle. He led the English national team to the semifinals at the Italian World Championships in 1990 and the European Championships in 1996.

At the club team level, Gazza represented Newcastle and Tottenham in England, Lazio in Italy and Glasgow Rangers in Scotland, among others.

Paul Gascoigne has been in trouble after his career because of alcoholism. In 2013, he was fined for assault after raging drunk at Stevenage train station.

Photo: Andrew Parsons Media / Zuma / MVphotos

Already during his career and after his gaming career that ended in 2004, Gascoigne has been in the headlines frequently due to his alcohol use and other problems in his private life. He has admitted to suffering from alcoholism.

Gascoigne and Regan's mother Sheryl divorced in 1999. Gascoigne has later admitted to treating his wife violently.

In a 2013 documentary, Regan said he did not want to deal with his father. Since then, the disputes have been settled and Regan says to the Daily Mail that he loves his father unreservedly and hopes for his health.