The Jyväskylä parish has increased security in the old cemetery after the acts of vandalism uncovered in July.

Among other things, the hill legend Matti Nykänen's family grave was the target of vandalism. A bronze bird was taken from the tombstone.

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Jyväskylä Parish Property Manager Maritta Lukkarinen thinks that Nykänen's grave was not the actual target.

- In July, the cemetery had more extensive vandalism. Would it have been the case that the tomb in question got on the route.


There was vandalism in the old cemetery on two occasions in July. Tombstones were poured and crosses torn from the ground.

According to Lukkarinen, the cemetery has comprehensive camera surveillance.

- This is a rather large cemetery, camera surveillance does not necessarily extend to every corner. Some kind of blind spots can be left.

After the events, the parish increased physical guarding in the old cemetery.

According to Lukkarinen, Matti Nykänen's grave is no longer a special place to visit in the cemetery.

After the death of the hill jumper, Nykänen's grave attracted visitors.

- In the disruptive behavior, Nykänen's grave has not been visible in any way.

Today, the parish organizes guided tours of the cemetery during the summer. The tour will see the most interesting sites in the cemetery. Today's grave is one of the objects.

The Jyväskylä parish has twice filed a criminal report for vandalism in July.

Commissioner for Crime Olavi Saunamäki from the Inland Finland Police confirms to IS that the police are investigating the matter. Vandalism is investigated as a violation of the grave and acts of damage.

- I'm not going to identify whose graves they are.