Due to a capacity problem with military air traffic control at Schiphol, air traffic is not possible at Eindhoven Airport on Friday morning. According to a Defense spokesman, the problem was caused by reporting sick.

It concerns at least fifteen departing flights that are delayed as a result. Landing aircraft were diverted to Weeze Airport in Germany and Maastricht, among others. The number of passengers involved is not known.

Military air traffic control regulates air traffic from Eindhoven Airport from Schiphol. Earlier, Eindhoven Airport reported that the problem was with Air Traffic Control the Netherlands, but this was corrected later. The two services still operate separately, although the plan is to integrate the two in the long term.

The problem is likely to be resolved around 12:30 PM.

Replacement difficult due to shortage of air traffic controllers

According to the Royal Netherlands Air Force, it was not possible to have another air traffic controller take over the area around Eindhoven on Friday. This requires separate training and the service has also been struggling with a staff shortage for some time.

"An air traffic controller must also be competent for that specific area. It was also not possible to shift the team from this afternoon to the morning, because then we would have problems later in the day," said a spokesman for the Royal Netherlands Air Force to NOW. NL.

Defense is still investigating how the capacity problem in military air traffic control can be solved in the near future, if this person has to stay at home longer.