NHK Management Plan Draft Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications "Reform is shown" 13:53, August 7th


Regarding NHK's three-year management plan from the next fiscal year, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi highly evaluated that "a reform stance that had never been seen was shown", and satellite wave and voice wave We asked for concrete schedules for organizing and reducing.

In NHK's next year/Reiwa 3 to 3 year management plan, we will thoroughly implement cost structure reforms to reduce business expenditures to the level of 600 billion yen by Reiwa 4 NHK plans to compile a management plan by January next year after collecting opinions and incorporating arrangements and reductions of BS, voice waves and radio.

Regarding the management plan, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi said in a press conference after the Cabinet meeting, "By showing the direction of structural reform, efforts to reduce the scale of expenditure, such as unprecedented reform stance has been shown. Are highly evaluated.”

Then, by the time the plan is decided, the schedule for organizing/reducing satellite waves and voice waves will be specified, consideration will be given to returning the reception fee to the public and viewers, and the direction of group management reform will be specified. I asked for things.

Minister Takaichi said, "If there is an item that requires revision of the Broadcasting Act in the finally decided management plan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will firmly work on it."