The My Phone app in Windows 10 is getting a new capability. It will be able to run Android phone applications as is and without separate installations directly on Windows 10. Microsoft reported on the blog and reported on The Verge, among others.

Android apps run in parallel with your own Windows apps, and you can jump from an open Android app to the Windows app with the familiar Alt + Tab key combination. Android apps can be pinned to the Windows taskbar or home menu for quick access.

This Link to Windows feature was introduced with the launch of Samsung’s new premium Note phones.

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The experience is supposed to be more seamless than the existing Mirroring feature in My Phone to display Android phone content on Windows.

The feature becomes part of the My Phone app in Windows 10

Image: Microsoft

So far, the feature only supports a number of Samsung phones. The ability to run multiple Android apps on Windows at the same time will only work on the Galaxy Note 20 at first, and only later this year.

The user also needs to run a trial version of Windows 10, so ordinary consumers should still wait for it. The function is also not yet flawless. According to Microsoft, running an Android application on Windows can lead to a black box, for example. Sometimes, on the other hand, the mouse or keyboard is not supported, and in some cases the sounds of the application are repeated through the phone.

Microsoft has wanted Android applications for Windows 10 since 2015, when CEO Satya Nadella spoke about the company’s new alignment on competing platforms.

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Android is originally based on Finnish Linux. Also, it is gaining more and more foothold in Windows thanks to Microsoft’s new preconditions. In the spring, Microsoft said it would substantially improve support for Linux on Windows 10.

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