Microsoft's game streaming service Project xCloud, which launches on September 15, will not be able to access Apple's official mobile store App Store. Microsoft planned to bring its service to Apple’s iOS platform in addition to Android devices, but Apple says the App Store’s policies are blocking it.

- The App Store was created as a safe and trusted place for customers to find and download apps, an Apple spokesman explains to Business Insider.

According to the representative, all commercially acceptable applications will be reviewed first. Since xCloud includes a whole host of games, each of them should be checked first before being released to the App Store. And Microsoft has apparently not done so. According to the representative, developers can also select a web browser and offer their services through it instead of the App Store.

XCloud is a monthly subscription cloud-based gaming service that brings familiar video games from PCs and consoles to Android devices. The games themselves run on Microsoft servers, from where they are streamed to a phone, for example. In Finland, the tests began in the spring.

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Offering XCloud for Apple devices would be part of Microsoft’s broader effort to gain a foothold for its various services on competing platforms. Recently, for example, Microsoft has merged Windows 10 with both Android and Linux.

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Apple's policy is not limited to Microsoft. Similarly, Google's Stadia gaming service, for example, has been blocked from accessing iOS.