• Politics.Chivite values ​​the Government agreement in Navarra as an example of "normality and respect"
  • Navarra.Bildu, to María Chivite: "Don't forget that you will preside over Navarra for us"
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María Chivite became president of Navarra thanks to the abstention of the seven parliamentarians from EH Bildu. When a year since the inauguration, the socialist president still considers the coalition abertzale as a "valid" interlocutor to keep the government and move forward with their parliamentary initiatives, even if it means swallowing her some toad from the ethical point of view .

In her balance of legislature and after being questioned about her relationship with Bildu despite the proximity of this formation with the ETA prisoners and controversies such as "the hug" sent by the coalition to 'Josu Ternera' after being released by the French justice, Chivite did not hesitate to ratify its commitment to maintaining its agreement with Bildu, with which the coalition government that it presides, and which is in the minority, has gone hand in hand all this year. And this even though it seems to him "ethically objectionable that they send hugs to Josu Ternera ".

But one thing is ethical and another is practical. "This Government has spoken and will continue to do so with all the formations of the parliamentary arch to take out projects. If there are questions on the table in which it joins and contributes for the citizens, the Government will speak with all the formations," he insisted.

In fact, Chivite has made good use of its harmony with Bildu during these 365 days of Government. Despite not being part of the Executive, the Abertzale coalition holds the key for the initiatives of the PSN Government , Geroa Bai , Podemos and Izquierda Ezkerra to go ahead. Chivite congratulated itself this Friday because all the initiatives that it has taken to Parliament have gone ahead, including the Budgets. "Dialogue, getting the priorities right and incorporating contributions to improve pays off," he said.

"A plural community"

In fact, in his speech on the occasion of his first year in power he made it clear that "plural agreements have no turning back, it is a path of positive sum for all", and insisted that "only from the understanding between different can reach agreements to have a strong government. "

In this sense, he recalled that Navarra is a "plural community". "There are no majorities in any ideological spectrum and, therefore, only from the understanding between different can reach agreements of the legislature, or of the Government."

However, Navarra Suma has not entered its search for agreements, which throughout this year has been very critical of the actions of the Chivite Executive and, above all, of its agreements with EH Bildu.

María Chivite began her intervention by assuring that this had been "a year of learning" for the coalition government and that from now on they would "strengthen what they learned." Something that was immediately answered by the parliamentarian of Navarra Suma, Javier Esparza on social networks: "After listening to Chivite say that his first year of government has been one of 'learning', I do not leave my amazement. The Government has been learned This explains why they are acting late and badly, "said the UPN president.

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