Chairman Kim Jong-un instructed the victims to visit the flood site and release preparatory grains and supplies to support flood victims.

Chosun Central Communications reported that Chairman Kim Jong-un was aware of the flood damage in the area of ​​Daecheong-ri, Eunpa-gun, North Hwanghae Province.

In Eunpa-gun, Hwanghaebuk-do, the embankment collapsed due to heavy rains, and over 730 houses and 600 rice fields were flooded and 179 houses in Salim collapsed.

After looking around the site, Kim instructed the government to release the preliminary grains of the chairman and supply them to the affected people by generation, and to release the construction materials necessary for the recovery project from the strategic reserves of the chairman of the commissioner to ensure it.

He also said that he would mobilize the army to recover from the damage. "We will lead the destroyed house, road, and land clearance projects with the people in the army."

(Photo = Chosun Central Communications, Yonhap News)