In the first statement of the captain of the ship carrying 2750 tons of high-risk ammonium nitrate, which exploded at the port of Beirut last Tuesday, he confirmed that it is owned by a Russian businessman named Igor Grechushkin and lives in Cyprus.

In infinite numbers, the explosion killed 137 people, injured about 5,000, and caused massive damage in the Lebanese capital.

Ukrainian captain Boris Prokoshev - according to the American Business Insider website, quoting Radio Free Europe - added that after his sail the flight was not considered profitable enough and the ship turned to the port of Beirut in late 2013 to carry more The equipment was very heavy for the ship, according to Prokoshev.

Prokoshev explained that the shipment of ammonium nitrate was seized in 2014 and was stored at Beirut Port until the time of its explosion.

Prokoshev said Grechuschkin - who now lives in Cyprus which is the favorite destination for the wealthy Russians - abandoned the "MV Rusus" ship after being stuck in Beirut, leaving the team stranded.

Despite the presence of the Russian businessman in Cyprus, the latter authorities confirmed that they had not received Lebanese requests for assistance, according to a report signed by Cyprus Mail.

The report of the American website revealed that the island's police said that they had contacted Lebanon to provide assistance, but had not heard any response.

Business Insider stated that Gretchushushkin did not make any statement about the explosion. The American website was unable to reach him for comment, and CNN's attempts to talk to him were unsuccessful.

The ship was supposed to take ammonium nitrate from Batumi in Georgia to Mozambique, but in Beirut the inspectors found that the ship was not seaworthy and prevented it from leaving, and some crew members were released, but Prokoshev said that he and three other members of the ship's team had been stuck there for 11 months He added, "Gryshushkin" did not even buy food for us, and he left us in a dangerous situation on purpose, and we were condemned to starvation, but officials at the Port of Beirut had pity on us and fed us.

After a long legal battle, the captain revealed that Gryshushkin transported ammonium nitrate to storage and paid the costs of the remaining crew members leaving for Odessa in Ukraine.

Prokoshev said that he had met Gryoshushkin in 2013, and that the entire crew of the ship had changed, and did not mention that this was due to "non-payment of salaries."

On Wednesday, the Russian Siberian Times published a photo it said was on to Grushushkin walking around a motorbike.

First pictures emerge of a Russian man whose ammonium nitrate cargo detonated in the port of Beirut. The 2,750 tonnes cargo of Khabarovsk-born businessman Igor Grechushkin was detained in Lebanon in 2013

- The Siberian Times (@siberian_times) August 5, 2020

The Business Insider could not verify the authenticity of the photo, because there is no firm information on the whereabouts of the Russian businessman, although Cypress Mail newspaper Cyprus has reported that Grushushkin has an office in Limassol in Cyprus.

The newspaper quoted the Cypriot Interior Ministry as saying that he does not have a Cyprus passport but his wife is a Cypriot citizen.