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India, a landing airliner collided with the runway, causing the aircraft to collapse. 17 out of 191 passengers on board were killed, with the airline believed to have slipped in heavy rain.

This is reporter Kim A-young.

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are two airliners. The airport area became a mess while moving the injured.

At about 7:40 p.m. local time yesterday (7th), an Air India Express airliner crashed while landing at Calicut International Airport in Kerala, India.

The accident airliner is known as a special flight that returned with returning applicants from a state where regular flights to Dubai were cut off due to Corona 19.

Local authorities said 17 of the 191 passengers were killed, including pilots.

At the end of the rescue operation, around 120 people were injured, both large and small.

The exact details of the accident are not yet known, but local media reported that the airliner slipped off the runway in heavy rain.

[Pradhan/India Disaster Response Team Director: It seems that I crossed the runway and fell into a drainage ditch. It appears that the fuselage has split between the two.]

Indian authorities are investigating the details of the accident, while one local media reported that the landing gear had a problem.

Prime Minister Modi expressed his condolences for the bereaved family, saying he was providing all the support on the scene immediately after the accident.