Due to a lack of personnel, the GGD of Amsterdam is no longer able to conduct full source and contact investigations, reports the NOS on Friday afternoon. A staff shortage is also threatening nationally. This is because the number of infections is increasing so fast that the GGDs do not have enough time to train new staff, GGD GHOR director Sjaak de Gouw tells NU.nl.

According to De Gouw, a staff shortage was somewhat inescapable. "We can only train three hundred people a week. If the number of infections continues to rise exponentially, these lines will cross at some point. That seems to have happened in Amsterdam."

The staff of the Amsterdam GGD are said to be exhausted and overworked. For the time being, therefore, only positively tested people will be called. "We also focus specifically on risk groups and situations," said a spokesperson in conversation with the NOS.

Hundreds of new infections have been identified in the region in recent weeks, the largest number across the country, along with Rotterdam.

'GGDs aim for 500 extra FTEs'

According to the NOS , due to the increase in the corona figures, various GGDs want to attract new employees to go from 1800 FTE (full-time jobs) to 2300 FTE.

The broadcaster requested figures, which show that there are currently enough employees to carry out 750 source and contact investigations per day. That is currently still just enough, since six hundred new infections were observed on Thursday.

If staff return from their holidays or continue working longer, a thousand investigations can be completed per day, a spokesman for GGD GHOR, the umbrella organization of all GGDs in the Netherlands, talks to the broadcaster.

There may be more testing for the corona virus in the coming days. After the press conference of Prime Minister Mark Rutte and corona minister Hugo de Jonge, GGDs were called massively to schedule corona tests.