Half a month on commentator Marsha

  Since the flood season, flood disasters have occurred successively in Hubei, Jiangxi, Anhui and other places, and the flood prevention work has faced severe challenges. As an important force in flood prevention work, grassroots cadres rushed to the front line of flood prevention regardless of difficulties and dangers. In the first half of the year, we fought against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and in the second half of the year, we faced tremendous pressure on flood control and flood fighting. The work tasks of grassroots cadres during the special period of "combination of waterlogging and epidemic" were overlapping and heavy responsibilities. The epidemic and disaster will eventually pass, and "people" are our eternal wealth. Although cadres take the word "do" at the head, in a special period, working hard and ensuring stamina is a powerful guarantee for improving the effectiveness of grassroots work.

  Focusing on epidemic prevention, fighting floods, and fighting poverty, the "three major battles" not only pose unprecedented challenges to the body and mind of grassroots cadres, but also set special requirements for the development of grassroots work. During the special period, the central and local governments have successively introduced a number of policies to treat outstanding contributors in epidemic prevention and flood fighting in terms of promotion and treatment. These policies must be implemented as soon as possible to relieve grassroots cadres from facing urgent, difficult, and difficult tasks. Worries.

  Positive incentives cannot be absent. It is necessary to establish a sound long-term incentive mechanism to promote the responsibility of grassroots cadres. Hubei, Gansu, Jiangsu and many other places have responded actively, rewarding those who have outstanding performance in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, such as commendation, resolution of establishment, and priority promotion, so that grassroots cadres can truly feel the temperature of the policy. Positive motivation is an "accelerator" that stimulates the endogenous motivation of cadres. Promotion and remuneration must be targeted, appropriately broaden promotion channels, and implement policies and remunerations to grassroots cadres. In the special period of "dual defense", "busy twice a year, busy for half a year" has become the norm for grassroots cadres, and "increased salaries and hope for promotion" are not only the hope of grassroots cadres, but also the prerequisite for attracting talents to join the grassroots work. It is a powerful guarantee for the effectiveness of grassroots work.

  The assignment of powers and responsibilities cannot be misplaced. It is necessary to straighten out the relationship of power and responsibility, allocate responsibilities reasonably, and improve the efficiency of grassroots work. In a special period, the complexity of grassroots work is intensified, and all links are intertwined, which can easily lead to overlapping functions and uneven work and rest. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, a group of public officials have been dealt with improperly due to epidemic prevention. Most of them have been perfunctory and prevarication, highlighting the urgent need for a reasonable allocation of powers and responsibilities. Responsibilities but not powers, powers and failures of responsibility are all hindering grassroots work. Clear assignment of powers and responsibilities can avoid the inefficiency of grassroots work caused by favoritism. Only by not letting the grassroots cadres be in a dilemma can they focus on their work and improve work efficiency.

  Command accountability must not be offside. It is necessary to optimize the level of dispatch, refine the accountability system, be wary of improper command leading to half the effort, and avoid "one size fits all" disrupting people's hearts. In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, flood prevention work requires responsible persons from all over the country to go deep into the front line and command forward. All tasks test the cadres' ability to predict in advance and their determination to face emergencies. During the "dual defense" period, we must be wary of "blind command" and "chaotic accountability" that add chaos to grassroots work. Enhancing the sense of belonging of grassroots cadres is a powerful “catalyst” for building confidence and boosting morale in special times. Especially in the face of sudden natural disasters, it is necessary to have precise command and standard accountability to make grassroots cadres work hard in their posts. "Bitterness" and fatigue are not "heart-tired", which inspires grassroots cadres to take responsibility.

  Burden reduction and rest adjustment should be in place. Effectively manage the formalism and bureaucracy in grassroots work, reduce the workload and unnecessary energy dissipation of grassroots cadres, ensure the vacation rights of grassroots cadres, and improve the level of grassroots governance. Under the background of "dual defense", grassroots cadres are often divided into multiple roles. Many people work overtime for a long time, and overload operation becomes the norm. Since the fight against the epidemic, many grassroots cadres have become exhausted, and some have even sacrificed on the front line. Grassroots cadres are not "supermen", and organizational care is not a slogan. Only scientific rotations, work-rest combination, and separation of the new formalism and bureaucratic variants that bind the grassroots cadres can arouse their full fighting enthusiasm and ensure that cadres are in the "three major There is more stamina in the battle.

  They shoulder the important task of getting through the policy and implementing the "last mile". They charge at the front line and fight at the front line. At this year's historical node of decisive victory in an all-round well-off society, grassroots cadres should be given more care and protection. Let the solid care become a good medicine for grassroots cadres on the way to fight the epidemic, the warm sun on the flood prevention road, and the charge on the battlefield!