The prestigious financial magazine Forbes listed the best earning mobile app TikTok influencers. The listing of seven young sometime stars is the first survey made by financial magazine for TikTok. In the past, listings have been made of the income of Instagram and Youtube stars, among others. TikTok celebrities listed on the Forbes list have all earned at least $ 1 million from June 2019 to June 2020. Revenue is generated from the stars ’own fan products as well as commercial partnerships with well-known brands.

Read below for a list of Forbes' hardest-earning matchmakers:

7. Spencer X, about a million euros

The 28-year-old Spencer X has become known in TikTok as a beatboxer. Los Angeles-based Spencer X joined TikTok in February 2019, and has since partnered with well-known brands such as Sony and Oreo.

6. Michael Le, about a million euros

Michael Le is behind several of the most shared videos in TikTok history. Len’s income allows him to live in a lavish Los Angeles mansion with four other matchmakers. 20-year-old Le has long collaborated with, among others, the Bang energy drink brand.

5. Josh Richards, approximately € 1.3 million

Canadian Josh Richards has worked extensively to raise funds alongside TikTok publicity. In addition to its own fan product collection and cooperation agreements with Reebok and Warner Records, Richards has established its own energy drink company, among other things. Richards, 18, is also the strategy director for the smaller Thiller app, which competes with TikTok.

4. Loren Gray, approximately 2.2 million

Loren Gray struggled at the beginning of her career with poor managerial relationships and failed co-operation agreements. Having taken the reins, 18-year-old Gray has created a career in the music world in addition to TikTok. Gray has released eight singles after signing a contract with Virgin Records in 2018. Gray has collaborated with major brands such as Hyundai, Burger King and Revlon.

3. Dixie D´Amelio, approximately EUR 2.5 million

18-year-old Dixie D´Amelio has also set out on a TikTok career to make music. The single Be Happy, released by D´Amelio in June, has been streamed more than 58 million times. D´Amelio, who often co-videos with his little sister Charlie, is making a career in Los Angeles. The sisters have co-operation agreements with clothing brand Hollister and cosmetics company Morphen.

2. Charli D´Amelio, approximately EUR 3.4 million

Charli D´Amelio plunged into TikTok with dance videos that became viral. D´Amelio released his first TikTok video in June last year, and soon after, his career has covered many fundraising communities and public appearances. D´Amelio has collaborated with, among others, the high fashion brand Prada. In addition to several brand associations, the 16-year-old star has also sold its own fan products.

1. Addison Rae Easterling, approximately 4.2 million

TikTok’s best-earning star is 19-year-old Addison Rae Easterling, who only made her first commercial ventures last fall. Easterling, which has since risen to super popularity, has left behind for university studies, and is now focusing on her career as a TikTok celebrity. Like many other TikTok stars, Easterling is staying in Los Angeles. Easterling made a big advertising face deal with the American Eagle clothing brand, so he will become familiar to many on more traditional media channels as well. In addition, Easterling’s first makeup of its own Item Beauty brand will be released soon.

The TikTok mobile app, especially popular with children and young people, is widely known for its dance trends. Users of the app make short videos on their accounts, such as dancing or taking part in touring challenges. As with other social media platforms, TikTok has emerged as a star earning wild amounts of publicity comparable to world-class celebrities.

Recently, TikTok has also appeared in more traditional media after U.S. President Donald Trump took steps to ban the app.

Earlier, Trump threatened to ban TikTok if the U.S. functionality of the app were not sold to Microsoft by September 15th. On Thursday of this week, Trump issued a decree banning doing business with TikTok-owned ByteDance in the United States. The regulation will enter into force after 45 days if no deals are created.

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