- I can confirm that Amazon has given us the confidence to complete their e-commerce in Sweden. That is why we are opening a new logistics center in Eskilstuna, writes Helgi Ingólfsson, Kuehne Nagel's manager in Sweden, in an email to SVT via the Group's communications manager.

It was a few months ago that the international logistics company began its move to a warehouse in Eskilstuna Logistics Park.

"Located near Stockholm"

Speculation about whether it was a contract warehouse on Amazon's behalf has flourished for a long time. And much has pointed to just this. Partly because the e-commerce giant collaborates with Kuehne Nagel in several other European countries. Partly due to the fact that the Amazon Group has had a large server hall in Eskilstuna for a few years now, through which they offer cloud services.

On Tuesday, Amazon confirmed that it intends to enter the Swedish e-commerce market by launching a Swedish site. And now Kuehne Nagel also announces that it is for Amazon that they are building the warehouse in Eskilstuna.

- We have chosen Eskilstuna because it is ideally centrally located in Sweden, close to Stockholm, writes Helgi Ingólfsson and emphasizes that the cooperation with the municipality has been good.

Will return with info

The establishment will mean jobs, but how many is too early to say.

SVT Nyheter Sörmland has searched for Amazon. They announce that more information will come as the launch approaches.

See more in the clip above about the tours around Amazon in Eskilstuna and hear Eskilstuna logistics park's CEO comment on the establishment.