The most wonderful games of childhood are, of course, played in a playhouse. There, the imagination gets power, and even the wildest ideas can be implemented.

We asked Finns where the playhouses in their yards have been inspired.

Playhouse with terrace and balcony

The playhouse located in the yard of Liisa Tirkkonen from Jyväskylä has been built and decorated by the whole family. The cottage was built by the family's father Ville and was furnished by mother Liisa and 4-year-old Seela.

In the interior, the wishes of the little girl have been listened to with the exact ear.

- Seela's first wish was that the cottage should have a terrace and a balcony. Nothing but online to hunt for different patterns and blanks. Fortunately, a cottage with a loft inside was found in the Bauhaus. It worked well, Liisa Tirkkonen says.

Inspiration for the playhouse's color scheme was sought from gentle pastel shades, ie marshmallow colors. The paints and shades were chosen by the mother together with Seela.

- We have toured recycling centers and flea markets and made great furniture discoveries. With the paint, we have made the furniture suitable for the cottage.

When the playhouse was ready, housewarming parties were held there.

- After the party, the cottage has been used to play with friends and sometimes with parents. Restaurant and Home Games have been the most popular so far.

4-year-old Iida helped her mother with the decor

Marjo's family playhouse is located in Ylivieska. The cottage is mostly decorated with free items and flea markets. The treasures of the cottage are decorative objects obtained from the grandparents of the children.

- We have also made the furniture ourselves, Marjo tells Ilta-Sanomat.

The style of the playhouse follows the same line as the home - the style is only more colorful and abundant. Marjo's 4-year-old daughter Iida has also been involved in the interior design.

- Iida is interested in interior design like a mother. For example, he has chosen a pink shade of wall paint, Marjo says.

When the playing time comes, in addition to Iida, the family's 1-year-old Topi boy also enjoys his life in the playhouse.

Central European homes as a source of inspiration

The Asta family playhouse is located in the backyard of the house, on the edge of the forest, surrounded by berry and ornamental shrubs.

The playhouse has been painted using paint remains found at home.

- The source of inspiration is Central European homes, where you can find a lot of nice painted patterns on the walls, Asta says.

Otherwise, the interior is assembled from items found at home, playing with different shades.

- The idea was to make a comfortable and cheerful lounging place for school-age children.

Interior with old objects

In Marjo Latvala's home, the playhouse is used in the autumn by a boy aged 3 and a 1-year-old girl.

The playhouse in the backyard of the detached house is mainly decorated with old objects.

- They come from my own childhood. Many objects have their own story and evoke good memories. The children's own toys and furniture have also been taken to the playhouse, Latvala says.

Marjo Latvala has sewn the beautiful window curtains of the playhouse. The door curtains, on the other hand, are crocheted by Marjo's grandmother in her time.

Self-made playhouse

The playhouse of the Mira family in Jämsänkoski is made by himself. Mostly it is used by a family point 3-year-old Ronja girl.

- The color scheme of the playhouse is mainly white, gray and black. Yarns and fabrics already found at home have been utilized as materials. Curtains, carpet and seat cushion made of these, Mira says.

Ideas from Pinterest

Jenni Salmela from Kouvola wanted to use the same colors in the little one's playhouse as in the boy's room.

- I really like turquoise and yellow in the interior of the children's room. I also got a lot of ideas from Pinterest and tried to think about what kind of things would make a boy get excited about games. The loft was the number one thing in our cottage, Jenni says.

The interior of the playhouse was completed this week. Outside, finishes are still underway.

- The user of the playhouse is a 2.5-year-old boy Elias, who has spent a lot of time in the cottage playing and bustling.

Finished without finishing

Hanna Tyrn's 7-, 9- and 10-year-olds wanted a hanging out to spend their free time.

- We ended up building a self-designed playhouse that can be turned into a greenhouse as the children grow up.

The playhouse is located in the courtyard directly in front of the terrace.

- The cottage is mainly used by girls, and that is why the cottage is lightly decorated. The playhouse has old items that can already be found at home, as well as finds.

Inspired by Instagram

The playhouse in Laura’s backyard is inspired by the photo service Instagram. The playground was built for a 3-year-old girl from the family.

- The idea was to make a playhouse from leftover goods that were left out of the Raksa period. Only a wooden countertop, a baking bowl for the pool and a strawberry mirror were bought as new for the playhouse.