China News Agency, Kathmandu, August 7th from New Delhi: An Air India passenger plane crossed the runway and broke off as it landed at Kazhikode International Airport in Karipur, Kerala, southern India on the evening of the 7th. Two interceptions resulted in the death of 14 people including at least one pilot.

  The Hindustan Times reported that the plane (Boeing 737) was flown from Dubai to Kalipur to pick up Indian nationals trapped there due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic from Dubai.

  The time of the incident was about 19:41, when there was heavy rain in the airport area. Judging from the existing scenes, the plane has broken into two pieces, and the surrounding area is full of debris. Fortunately, there was no fire at the scene of the accident.

  India’s AsiaNews International News Agency quoted the police at the site of the incident as saying that the accident has so far caused 14 deaths, 15 serious injuries, and 123 minor injuries. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted on his social media that day that I feel sad about this matter and hope that the injured can recover soon. I have also exchanged the situation with the Chief Minister of Kerala, Pinarai Vijayan, and the government will provide assistance to those affected by the accident at the scene.

  Arun Kumar, Director of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of India, said the plane did not land correctly. The rescue operation is underway, and we are also investigating the specific cause of the accident.

  According to an announcement issued by Air India that night, there were 184 passengers (including 10 babies), 2 pilots, and 4 flight attendants on board. Indian Interior Minister Amit Shah said on the same day that the National Disaster Rapid Response Force had been sent to the scene as soon as possible to assist in rescue work. (Finish)