- It's a misunderstanding. If you do not have a bank ID, it is good to call and book instead, says Lena Luts, medical advisor at Region Skåne.

The information is available on Region Skåne's page on 1177.se, but was only posted on Thursday when the opportunity to book an appointment was launched.

- The possibility to book with a bank ID is a flexible solution for the health centers that will carry out the tests, says Lena Luts.

Ordinary health center

Six private care providers have been procured for mass testing.

Following the criticism from PRO that you must have a bank ID to be tested for antibodies, Region Skåne now believes that even people who do not have a bank ID should be able to call their regular health center and be tested there.

- It can also be taken at the regular health center, says Lena Luts.

"Sorry miss"

Lena Luts regrets that the information was incomplete.

- I do not know how the communication went here, but it is unfortunate that it was missed. From our side, it is obvious that the opportunity to test oneself is for everyone.

One of the care providers that has been procured is Capio. According to Anna P Nyman, regional manager for Capio Community Health Care, it was clear from the procurement that the antibody tests would be done with a bank ID.

Fast procurement

- In the procurement, it is structured so that you only test those who have a bank ID. The system is technically structured that way.

She believes that the procurement went quickly. Region Skåne's announcement that now also patients without a bank ID should be able to be tested for antibodies can mean urgent days for the health centers in Skåne.

- We have enormous pressure on antibody tests. It feels as if the whole of Scania wants to test itself. Everyone will be able to test themselves gradually, as long as you give it some time, says Anna P Nyman, regional manager for Capio Local Health Care.