Afghanistan National Assembly Permit to release Taliban during detention Focus on August 8 at 5:51

In Afghanistan, the Loya Jirga-National Congress, which decides the important policy of the country, will be started, and whether to allow the liberation of Taliban fighters and others detained by the government in order to achieve peace with the anti-government armed forces Taliban Is the focus.

Loya Jirga, which began on the 7th in Afghanistan's capital Kabul, has more than 3,000 participants, including religious leaders and ethnic representatives.

Following the February peace agreement between the US and the Taliban, the government and the Taliban are also working to release the hostages of both sides toward the realization of ceasefire talks.

But for 400 Taliban fighters who have been detained for committing serious crimes such as murder, the government has said it respects the decisions of the National Assembly to allow their release.

President Gani, speaking at the conference, said, "The Taliban will meet the dialogue if 400 people are released. If not, the fighting will continue," and called for the release.

President Gani is eager to realize a ceasefire talks with the Taliban before the end of the peace agreement six months later this month, and he would like to gain understanding at the meeting to release the hostages.

However, as the Taliban fighters might join the terrorism and fighting again, there are voices of opposition to the release from the participants of the conference, and it is expected that the discussion will be difficult.