Next weekend's race at Silverstone is the 70th anniversary competition of the Formula 1 series, and inspired by the anniversary, Alfa Romeo's Kimi Räikkönen had to answer a question about the significance of the sport for himself.

- Of course, I've been doing this for quite a few years. This has been a big part of my life but certainly not my whole life. It is now already 20 years, but I was, of course, from a few years away and I made a few, but this is now pretty plain to me, I have been here for a long time. I've always liked competing, much less the rest, but that's it, Räikkönen said.

Räikkönen said that he was the most proud of the world championship in his formula.

- There have been a lot of good moments, but of course winning the championship. That’s another reason we’re here trying to make it and win championships. That's it, Raikkonen said.

Räikkönen was the last to finish in Silverstone's race last weekend, and the miserable run was crowned by the disintegration of the front wing. In the interview, Räikkönen had to return to the twists and turns of the previous race, which also included an invitation to the depot canceled too late.

- The two things were completely separate things. I was asked and then told to stay away when we were behind the safety car, but the order to stay away came too late and I could do nothing more. From the front wing, we still don’t know why it betrayed. The investigation into the reasons continues so that we can make sure that it does not happen again, Räikkönen said.