Social media users shared a video of "a missile falling on the Beirut port", under allegations that it was evidence of bombing on the port on August 4, 2020, which led to this huge explosion.

However, the scrutiny of the clip shows its reality: the video was tampered with by adding the missile to it.

The Lebanese newspaper "Al-Nahar" published a report checking the alleged video, as the audit led her to the original video. It can be found on several pages and accounts published on Wednesday, August 5, 2020, attached as "the moment the Beirut explosion ... seconds of terror from a closer angle." No missile appears in it, which means that "Had Had Rocket" video was tampered with by adding a missile to it.

Here is a comparison between a screenshot of the moment when the alleged missile appeared in the manipulated transportable clip (below to the right), and a screenshot of the same timing in the original clip (left).

The result: The allegations that the video clip shows a missile, evidence of the bombing of the Beirut port, are false allegations. The clip was tampered with by adding the missile to the scene.

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