The Dibba Al-Fujairah court ruled the acquittal of two Arab women accused of cutting the hair of a 13-year-old girl, torturing her, and insulting her with words that were stripped of her honor.

The Public Prosecutor presented the two defendants to the court on charges of assaulting the victim’s body, causing injuries to her, insulting her with words that violated her honor, and threatening her with a speech, demanding that they be punished.

In detail, the victim said before the court that she entered the country as a visitor more than four months ago with her mother in order to stay with her sister residing in the state, but problems occurred with her sister, which led to the return of her mother to her country, while she resorted to her sister's friend, except She was cut hair and torture in coins by her sister's friend and another, which led her to go to the hospital for treatment.

The defendant denied all charges against her before the court, saying that the child and her mother sought permission to stay overnight in her home, then the victim's mother returned to her country, leaving her daughter with her, noting that she was treating her as one of the family members, and did not harm her, but provided her with all her requirements For four months.

For its part, the second defendant denied the accusation of assaulting the victim and causing injuries to her, explaining that she had been living in the house of the first defendant for a while, and she did well to her all the time, and did not harm her.

The defense lawyer, Amna Al Darmaki, presented defenses represented in the lack of investigations by the prosecution, due to the absence of injuries to the victim, as the doctor's form presented to the court did not mention that the child was suffering from injuries and bruises, but rather stipulated that the child was vitally healthy, and the report did not prove the validity of statements The child identified the type and type of injury, in addition to not calling the witness, the victim's cousin, who testified through audio recordings that the defendant was not harming the victim, but rather harbored her at her home, despite the return of her mother.

Al-Darmaki confirmed the invalidity of the victim’s claim, and the maliciousness and fabrication of the communication, as the victim claimed that she suffered bruises and injuries that failed to carry out her personal activities, but that she opened a communication after three days, without proving her injuries through a clear medical report, in addition to her leaving the house in a normal state, and proved her The first culprit is this with videos provided on behalf of the installed home cameras.

Al-Darmaki asked the court to acquit the two accused from the charges against them.

The witness said that the first defendant had the merit of harboring the girl during the past period, without asking for it, stressing that the victim had been communicating with him all the time through social media programs, and did not mention that she suffers any intimidation or beating, and the accusation is likely to be for the purpose of obtaining Financial compensation.

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