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Updated Wednesday, 5 August 2020 - 22:21

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  • Islands to avoid isolation in a pandemic (1). Ilha da Queimada, the 'murderous' rock of the five vipers per square meter
  • Islands not to isolate during a pandemic (2). Sentinel del Norte, the last refuge of Satan on Earth: all who walk on the beach die with arrows
  • Islands not to isolate themselves in a pandemic (3). Travel to Poveglia, the islet where only death lives

For 450 pesos, less than 20 euros, you can visit Don Julián Santana's house at night, which is also a minimal island. The price includes a professional photographer, tasting of pulque, cured and mezcal, as well as a four-hour tour in a boat called trajinera, through the channels of Xochimilco, the Mexican Venice, as each piece of land separated by channels is usually baptized; and a guide to the paranormal. Be careful if you intend to visit the island of dolls because

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