Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge came back from their holiday to introduce some extra measures on Thursday in the fight against the flaring corona virus. These are the most important in a row.

- When visiting a catering establishment, you must enter your name and contact details. This allows the GGD to contact quickly if an infection has been found around that catering establishment. In addition, it remains the case that you have to make a reservation inside and outside, undergo a health check and are assigned a permanent place.

If the GGD discovers that there is an infection at a recreational institution such as a catering company, cinema, amusement park, theater or museum, the institution will close this institution for a maximum of fourteen days.

The presidents of the security regions are allowed to take measures at local and regional level to prevent fires of the coronavirus. For example, they can limit the opening hours of the catering industry, introduce a mouth mask requirement as is already happening in parts of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, or close locations such as parks, shopping centers or parking facilities.

- Travelers coming from risk areas (countries with an orange travel advice) must be quarantined for fourteen days when they return home. They already had to, but now they receive a call from the GGD to remind and check them. Travelers are also urged to have themselves tested, even if they have no complaints (yet). A test street will be set up for this at Schiphol and later at other airports. Even with a negative test, travelers still have to be quarantined for fourteen days, because they may only become infectious after the test.

- Student associations should organize their introductory activities online, so there should be no hazing. Only if those activities are directly related to study or sports, physical meetings for small groups may be organized, with no alcohol served and an end time of 22:00.

In addition, of course, all measures that have been implemented so far, including the basic rules that apply to everyone everywhere:

  • Stay home with complaints and get tested for the corona virus as soon as possible.
  • Are you over 18? Keep 1.5 meters apart.
  • Often wash your hands and cough or sneeze in your elbow.
  • Work at home as much as possible.
  • Avoid crowds and travel outside rush hour as much as possible.