There was an incident at Helltoniemi's Shell service station on Tuesday night when a man destroyed the service station's property for thousands of euros.

HS Helsinki reported on the incident on Wednesday, according to which a man who arrived at the gas station asked the staff to call an ambulance. While waiting for the ambulance, however, the man lost his temper.

A 25-year-old Helsinki-based man who was present at the time of the incident tells Ilta-Sanomat that he had woken up after hearing two bumps.

- I was seeing my friend in the gas station parking lot. Suddenly I woke up to the fact that I heard two bangs. At first I thought someone had driven the trailer too hard to slow down. Then I woke up to the broken glass.

A Helsinki man says he saw a “beer can or something similar” fly through the window. The can was followed by a chair.

- Goddamn it, there comes a chair through, the guy from the Helsinki man shouts at the video he shot.

The chair flew through the window.

Image: Screenshot of the reader's video

Police arrived at the scene at the end of the riot.

Image: Screenshot of the reader's video

The video above shows what kind of destruction the man had time to wreak.

Merchant Henri Leinonen told HS Helsinki that the man who had lost his temper was at the gas station for a few minutes. He estimates the damage has cost thousands of euros. However, no injuries occurred.

According to the Helsinki man who followed the events from the sidelines, the situation ended quickly when the police arrived on the scene.

- The man calmed down as soon as the police stepped inside.

The interior of the gas station was closed at night for cleaning. By morning, the staff had already largely repaired the tracks, and the gas station opened its doors again.