After the big explosion that took place in the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday, the Swedish aid authority Sida has now decided to send SEK 4,815,000 to the affected area.

- It feels good that we have managed to get a decision so quickly on direct support. They work full time with humanitarian support for the victims, says Peter Eriksson.

The money goes from Sida to the Swedish Red Cross and on to the aid organization's Lebanese equivalent. Money that will go, among other things, to ambulance operations, health care initiatives and distribution of food and clean water in the city.

Can be more

Aid of this type comes from an aid resource that is on standby in the event of major international disasters. At the same time, Sweden is one of the largest contributors to the Red Cross Federation's fund for rapid humanitarian response, which has also been used to facilitate work in Beirut.

"Sida is in contact with several other of our humanitarian partners who are on site and we are prepared to provide more support to the work of helping victims in various ways," says Göran Holmqvist, head of the department that handles Sida's humanitarian aid in a press release .

The EU provides SEK 340 million

The EU has set aside 33 million euros, corresponding to about 340 million kronor, in financial emergency aid that will cover the immediate needs for rescue services and health care in the capital, the EU Commission states.

A donors' conference is also planned to mobilize funding for the reconstruction of the city. However, this will only happen after an evaluation of what needs have been made, states an EU source.

The White House has also offered its help. In a conversation with Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offered his condolences and promised to support the Lebanese "in the pursuit of dignity, prosperity and security that they deserve".