This particular section of the Western Link is the most bridge-dense. Next autumn - October 31, 2021 - the Western Link will be drivable. The road will take traffic from the interior south on the E4 without passing central Umeå, and will be part of Umeå's ring road around the city. In recent days, the launch, the launching of the bridge section itself, over the Ume River has begun.

- There are a few small problems along the way, but that is what you solve over time. At the turn of the year, it will be across the river, says site manager Magnus Alskog.

Western link billion projects

The Swedish Transport Administration is the client of the bridge.

- It is not an everyday launch. It is a very large steel box that will be launched 103 meters across the river. The consequences of a failure are fatal, states Gerhard Barrestål, project manager for this part of the Western Link.

The western link is estimated to cost SEK 1.4 billion and is co-financed by Umeå municipality.