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The most dire forecasts about the future professional of Robert de Niro (76) suggest that the actor may have to retire soon. The most cautious, on the other hand, point out that the actor is going through a bad streak that sooner or later will pass, and that the day when his finances are going up is getting closer and closer.

But today, in the middle of the summer of 2020, the truth is that De Niro is practically bankrupt, consumed by debts and with no jobs in sight. The first reason for this situation is, logically, the pandemic that is so hard affecting the United States, where the protagonist of Taxi Driver has his interests: his business in New York and the development of new projects for the cinema.

The shootings are almost arrested , and that De Niro had booked for this August -the film Oklahoma - has been postponed without day still expected return, which in practice means that there will still charge for their work. The Covid-19 crisis affects practically everyone the same - less work, less income - but at the moment when we move to very high rents like those of Robert De Niro, the cut in profits implies that the train of Lavish life to which he was accustomed becomes practically impossible. His managers and lawyers have explained that the actor will be lucky if this year he manages to earn 7.5 million dollars, which for any normal person would be the solution of his problems for life, but that for him is little less than small change.

De Niro, at the last Oscars gala.

There are more added factors that exacerbate De Niro's financial crisis. The two New York hospitality businesses in which it participated, Nobu - a prestigious restaurant serving Japanese cuisine - and the luxury hotel chain Greenwich Hotel, have had to close until further notice, and that has also meant a significant cut to its dividend forecast. Nobu lost three million in April alone, and to alleviate this bleeding, the partners - including De Niro - have had to pay money out of pocket, in his particular case up to $ 500,000.

In addition, this year the trial has begun regarding his divorce with his last wife, Grace Hightower, with whom he lived for 21 years and has two children in common, and which was consummated in 2019. It is now when the most thorny details must be resolved. For example, the actor is obliged to pay a million dollars annually if his income for an entire year exceeds 15 million - something that, until 2019, was a piece of cake - but if he earned less than that amount, which is what foresees, should adjust the payment to a new ratio. One of the most recent conflicts with Hightower involves negotiating her credit card limit : In the midst of a pandemic, the ex-wife tried to increase it from $ 50,000 to $ 100,000 a month in expenses, something De Niro now cannot afford.

Apart from these expenses, plus those derived from his support - the flat in New York, the crazy whims and other luxuries - there is also the fact that De Niro has always had a reputation as a manirroto. Accustomed to earning obscene amounts of money, saving has never been one of his flags, and he has never been deprived of anything. As is the case with many wealthy people, they have abundant properties but little liquidity compared to their needs, and this prevents them from facing many expenses derived from the crisis and divorce with the solvency with which they would do if they were working normally. His income has also been reduced by his participation in the movie The Irishman , who this season will be credited to a year in view for a total of 2.5 million dollars, until covering all of 2021. So he will not collect until 2022. It is commented In their environment, that money has also already been spent.

What can someone do in this situation? First, resist until better times come. But if the crisis lasts for many months, profiles such as Robert de Niro's - that is, many important names in the entertainment world - will see their finances damaged by lack of lucrative work, and even more so if their interests in others are affected. businesses such as hospitality or tourism. The second, trying to adapt to a new scale of spending and consumption, something difficult when you have entered a loop of your own who counts their millions by the dozens.

For De Niro's advisers, therefore, a possible solution would be to readjust their assets, create a retirement fund, lower their life train and try to retire with dignity. Now it remains to be seen if the situation is serious enough to reach that extreme.

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