Trump Defends Republican Supporting Group Called for Dissolution by NY State 7:29 AM, August 7

US President Trump said the "terrible thing happened" about New York's lawsuit against the ruling and Republican leading supporters NRA, the National Rifle Association. Defended. It seems that the aim is to appeal to the conservatives for their support prior to the presidential election.

Attorney General James of New York State said on June 6 that four executives of the NRA = National Rifle Association diverted the donation to family trips and expensive meals, and more than $ 64 million in three years (6.7 billion yen in Japanese yen) He filed an appeal for the dissolution of the association, alleging that he had illegally spent the surplus of yen.

Established in 1871, the NRA is an NPO that is a registered organization in New York State, and attorney-general James said in an interview, "The NRA is fraught with bad practices and bad practices. There is no transcendental organization." It was

Regarding this, President Trump should defend the association in the White House to reporters that "a terrible thing has happened. NRA should move to Texas" and move to a region that is said to have many gun lovers I showed the idea that.

NRA made a huge donation to President Trump in the previous presidential election four years ago, and has about 5 million members nationwide, and Trump is likely to appeal to the conservatives. I will.