The police were approached by more than a thousand tip-offs in the investigation into the death of Tamar (14) from Marken, who died in the previous month, as reported on Thursday. These are people who, for example, know something about the black cap that was found in the roadside.

On Wednesday, images were distributed of, among other things, items found on the roadside and the car that was probably involved in the fatal accident was shown.

Images show that the vehicle is stopped in a parking lot on the night of the accident. Two people get out, look at the front of the car and then get back in. The police have determined that it is a gray Mazda 3 with a white license plate and are also receiving "information about this".

The police say they have enough tips about the black cap that was found on the side of the road, but would like more information about the Mazda 3 that was seen near the scene of the accident around July 25. A spokesman said to be "thankful" for any information. Because of the crowds, not everyone can get a personal answer.

Tamar's body was found on the night of July 25. Investigations have shown that the girl ran over. She had left home hours earlier after a discussion about bedtime.


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