Doctor Pippa Laukka, 50, returns to the screen when he puts on the lifestyles of 11 public figures familiar with the You Are What you eat program.

Canter everyday life has been quite hectic since he started in the spring of on-call work Uusimaa, located in the public side of the hospital. Around the same time, filming of the television series began.

- I have all this time been avoiding civilian human contact, so that I would have to quarantine. However, there would not have been time for that, Laukka laughs.

- Now the hectic period I have been very careful to ensure that I go to bed early, he continues.

Lauka has more than 25 years of career as a doctor. In recent years, she has worked on the private side and as a doctor for the women’s national football team. He has also become known as a columnist and author, among others.

Over the years, there have been special situations with patients.

- Sometimes a male patient came to the reception and offered a mouthwash, Laukka says amused.

- Situations like that must then be acknowledged professionally, he continues.

When Laukka started doing the You What You Eat program, she was initially excited about how patients would react to a doctor familiar from TV. According to Lauka, however, the excitement was futile, as Laukka has one doctor among others in the hospital, and it is not a “celebrity doctor familiar from TV”.

After publicity, Laukka, who is married, has hardly encountered patient attempts or dating invitations.

- On the other hand, I have been so long out of the single market that I travel with blinders on. If I were single, then maybe then they would be quite welcome. I might be a bit uninteresting in terms of Gallop throw.

Pippa Laukka has had a career as a doctor for more than 25 years.

Photo: Terhi Ylimäinen

You're what you eat descriptions are nearing completion. The program has been exceptional due to interest rate restrictions, but according to Lauka, everything has gone smoothly. He is relieved that no one became ill during the spring.

On Wednesday, MTV announced the participants of the new You Are What you eat production season. This year's reality TV star Henna Kalinainen, radio presenter Rea Tallgren, musician Juno, fashion designer Lalli Savolainen, journalist Tuomas Rajala, actress Riitta Väisänen, singer Jippu, puck influencer Sakari Pietilä, ex-alpine skier Enna Kieva and journalist Koistinen.

The series traditionally sees how participants eat and live. For many, the refrigerator is bursting with sugary and fatty treats that make up the diet almost entirely. Some also do not move at all and overweight may have accumulated profusely over the years. Some of the challenges are caused by a busy life and a non-existent food rhythm.

Gallop emphasizes that what you eat is above all a health program, not a weight loss program. The health status of the participants is carefully examined before starting the lifestyle repair. Laukka says that one of the participants had to leave the descriptions of the program in the middle for health reasons.

- One person had a heart condition that required further investigation. It was clearly an obstacle that had to be cleared before the lifestyle change could begin, Laukka says.

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