Parents of Beijing conscripts enjoy health protection

  Beijing, August 6 (Reporter Shi Fang) The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Veterans Affairs: The supplementary medical insurance and comprehensive accident insurance for the parents of conscripts enlisted in the army in Beijing are included in the permanent project of supporting military special care, allowing military members Respect is further implemented.

  It is reported that starting from September 1st, conscripts enlisted from Beijing will purchase two-year supplementary medical insurance and comprehensive accident insurance for their parents. The two premiums are approximately 950 yuan per person. The insurance funds will be funded by the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau. Practical projects of the Double Support Office are listed. The policy has benefited more than 6,200 recruits’ parents, of whom nearly 50% are registered outside Beijing.

  After the implementation of the policy, the parents of conscripts, regardless of age, no matter which province they actually live in, will be able to obtain rapid claims services from the local insurance agency as soon as they fall ill or encounter accidental injuries, regardless of their previous medical history and physical condition. All health is covered unconditionally. The sickness medical reimbursement ratio can reach 90% on the basis of universal basic medical insurance reimbursement. From small daily illnesses such as colds and fevers, to medications for chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, to serious diseases such as tumors, as long as they are within the scope of social insurance, the self-conceited part after social insurance reimbursement can be paid in proportion.

  The parents of conscripts enlisted from Beijing involve 30 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), and the insurance contract will be sent to the recruits’ homes together with the enlistment notice.