Paris, Rome, Madrid or London, when planning travel, most tourists choose popular destinations in Europe, due to the cultural and historical sites these cities know that many dream to see. But there are many cities that are not well-known in terms of tourist maps, despite their magnificence.

Lacoste, France

In his report published by the Russian "FB Rey" website, the writer Roman Gregorev said that this city is located in the southern part of France, specifically in the state of Provence, which is about 40 km from Marseille. Tourists in Lacoste usually tour the Marques de Sade castle, which dates back to the 17th century. Many vineyards are dotted around this area.

There are many good cafes in this area, suitable for a pleasant evening in a relaxing atmosphere. And if you are a shopping fan and want to buy souvenirs, you can visit the designated stores for handmade items.

Lacoste is famous for the Marquise de Sade castle, which dates back to the 17th century (networking sites)

Saori, England

Saori Village is in north-eastern England, less than two hours from Manchester Airport. According to some data, the village was rebuilt in the 14th century. Tourists describe it as a great place to rest and relax. In it is the home of the English writer Beatres Potter, and it has been converted into a museum.

There is also an elementary school for the poet William Wordsworth in the neighboring village, and it is a popular tourist destination, which makes visiting this village a distinctive historical tourism discovery.

Saori village was rebuilt in the 14th century (Communication sites)

Rothenburg, Germany

The city of Rothenburg in Bavaria is about an hour's drive from Nuremberg. Rothenburg is the most German city that has preserved its historical character for ages. So, when you set foot in this city you might think you are in a fairy tale, with its cobblestone towers and streets, and colorful old houses.

It is recommended to spend about 30 minutes wandering the streets of the old city upon arrival. Then you can go to the town hall, which often has many parties and entertainment programs in front of it. This city is known for its wonderful Christmas markets.

Rothenburg has preserved its historical character since ages (networking sites)

Bergen, Norway

The Norwegian city of Bergen is located on the west coast. The journey from Oslo to Bergen takes one hour by plane, but you can also travel by train. Bergen was founded in 1070, and has evolved over time into a port of importance in Norway.

This city is known for its cultural activities, where festivals and various events are held throughout the year. The city is also famous for its multi-colored wood houses that are hundreds of years old. One of the most striking features of this city is the harbor that surrounds it.

Bergen is known for its year-round cultural activities (networking sites)