China Overseas Chinese Network, August 6th. According to Malaysia Sin, a middle-aged Chinese man from Kuching, Malaysia, went to the Samarahan Cardiology Specialty Center for a cardiac examination. When parking in the parking lot, he fainted and took a vacation. The car lost control and ran into other cars and was sent to the emergency room for rescue. Unfortunately, she died.

  Samarahan Police District Director Sudirman said that the incident occurred at the parking lot of the Samarahan Cardiac Specialty Center at 8:30 on August 5, local time. He said that the deceased was about 50 years old, suffering from heart disease, accompanied by his wife, went to the heart specialist center for examination.

  "The deceased became ill while driving in the parking lot. The vehicle lost control and ran into other cars. He fainted in the car. His wife asked the people for help and sent the deceased to the emergency room for rescue. He died after half an hour."

  Sudirman said that after police investigation, the case did not involve criminal factors and was handled as a sudden death. The family members also negotiated with the police and the hospital to handle the procedures for collecting the remains.