“No one will give anyone away until the guilt is established, and the party that requests must prove the guilt of these people that this one killed him, that they shot and so on,” Lukashenka said in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon.

According to him, Belarus "has international agreements with Russia and Ukraine."

“The bottom line is that the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, the law enforcement systems are in contact, they are working ... to ensure that there is a clear picture,” the Belarusian president said.

Earlier, the presidents of Ukraine and Belarus, Vladimir Zelensky and Alexander Lukashenko, discussed the issue of extradition of Russian citizens detained in the republic.

Lukashenko instructed to invite the prosecutors general of Russia and Ukraine to Belarus to investigate the situation with the detained Russians.

On July 29, the state Belarusian news agency BelTA announced the arrest of 33 Russians in Belarus. On July 30 it became known that the detainees were suspected of preparing riots.