According to the head of state, many people have already been detained in the country, who "set themselves the goal of destabilizing the situation."

“Names, surnames, addresses, passwords, attendance are known. Sometimes it comes to miracles. The media are alarming us that the Americans and NATO are trying to seize us here. Some people were detained with American passports, married to American women working in the State Department, ”he said.

He added that at the same time "Russian leaders are protecting them with bayonets at the ready."

In addition, Lukashenka said that a hybrid war is being waged against Belarus and one should be prepared for "dirty tricks from any side."

The transcript of the meeting was published by the presidential press service.

At the end of July, it became known about the detention of 33 Russians in Belarus, who are suspected of preparing riots.

As emphasized in the Russian Foreign Ministry, the guilt of the detainees has not been proven by anything, they must return to their homeland.