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A series of coronavirus cases was discovered in an abattoir located in Staden (Belgium). More than 200 employees have been tested and placed in quarantine, the company said on Wednesday.

The cases were declared “in recent days” among the 225 employees working in the slaughterhouse cutting room, which employs a total of 850 people. According to the mayor of the town, six positive cases were initially reported, and the figure now stands at 18.

Cases in slaughterhouses in several countries

"We decided not to take any risk, to test all the employees of this production unit and to quarantine them," said the product manager of Westvlees, the company concerned. “It's a precautionary measure. The results of the screening tests are expected this Thursday. The manager specified that the cutting activity would continue at other company sites.

Westvlees presents itself as one of the largest European producers of fresh and prepared pork. The company processes 1.4 million pigs per year into more than 140,000 tonnes of pork and has customers in 50 countries. Sources of contamination have appeared since the start of the pandemic in slaughterhouses in different countries, such as in Germany, France or the United States.

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