Cooperative HOK-Elanto opens a new restaurant concept in the center of Helsinki, the purpose of which is to reduce food waste in the downstairs S-market. Described as a million investment, Happy Farmer Coffee Bar & Wine and Kitchen & Bakery are part of the new Happy Farmer restaurant family.

The restaurant will open tomorrow, Friday, in connection with Sokos in the center of Helsinki.

- We will make strong use of food waste. The renewed S-market downstairs is our nearest harvest season, and we bake banana bread from the darkened bananas of the store ourselves, or pickle vegetables that have been hit. We come up with uses for raw materials that aesthetically do not appeal to the consumer in commercial transactions, but are nonetheless delicious. Minimizing food waste and utilizing lost raw materials is part of every shift, says Jussi Kuuluvainen, Kitchen Manager at Happy Farmer, in a press release.

Doses will be planned according to the harvest season, taking into account the domestic raw materials available. Happy Farmer serves from morning to night.

In addition to starting restaurant operations, HOK-Elanto renovated the downtown 24-hour S-market as part of the renovation of all S-markets in the Helsinki metropolitan area. With the renovation, Sokos' S-market got, among other things, a sushi point and a larger, serving food market.

In addition to food waste, Happy Farmer aims for responsibility and low emissions, according to the release. The menus emphasize the vegetables of the harvest season and the electricity used by the restaurant is produced with renewable energy sources. According to the company, refrigeration equipment is more energy efficient and most of them use natural refrigerants.

HOK-Elanto owns about 80 restaurants and S-shops in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Due to the corona pandemic, its restaurants were largely closed in the spring and staff moved to work in the cooperative’s grocery stores.

The cooperative has more than 6,000 employees. HOK-Elanto is the S Group's largest cooperative.