"My heart broke my soul, my soul, you burned my heart, I began to taste life while you were away from me." The expression of love mixed with oppression and grief for a young Lebanese man who was planning to marry his fiancée next year, but she was one of the victims of the Beirut bombing.

Gibler Qaroon continues on his account at Instagram, "My sweet bride was our wedding 6/6/2021, as you blessed your house on your taste and we answered things and we prepare, you promoted me quickly with the regiment and I became a martyr at the level of a homeland. Kalashi, you wanted to, would there be anything but a white dress in you.

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My sweet bride, our wedding was 6/6/2021, when you blessed your house with your taste and answered things and prepared, you promoted me quickly with the regiment and my wife became martyr in the rank of your country. I saw you in the white dress.

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Activists and singers published touching videos of the moment, the young Gilbert Qaraoun bid farewell to his fiancée, civil defense Sahar Fares, who died in the bombing of Beirut Port in Lebanon.

Videos showed Qaraoun bidding farewell to his fiancée during the funeral ceremony, in which civil defense teams participated in honor of their colleague.

Lebanese interacted with the touching story of Qaraoun and his late fiancée, who inherited it and walked behind her coffin as he cried, carrying her official suit she was wearing in the civil defense.

Heck, the bride of Beirut bled ... not in the white dress, her groom saw her .. She arrived at his coffin ... Sahar Fares, a martyr of the civil defense. A martyr # Lebanon ...
# Beirut_ bombing pic.twitter.com/U9IXklpYT3

- alia awada (@AlyaAwada) August 6, 2020

A very touching farewell to the martyr Sahar George Fares by her family, fiancé and colleagues in the Beirut Fire Brigade. # PrayForBeirut pic.twitter.com/kzUy6LmIWs

- Source (@ MMas2ool) August 6, 2020

The paramedic # Sahar_Fars, who was martyred in the Beirut Port explosion, performs a martyr bride in Karantina, carried on the shoulders of her comrades from the fire brigade # Beirut # Beirut_ in_Our hearts # Beirut pic.twitter.com/x2hjiqOIAP

- Jaras Scoop FM (@jarasscoop) August 6, 2020