It is the animal rights organization Djurrättsalliansen that filmed at the farm after tips that chickens were hurting.

Watch the film in the clip above.

According to information, the stable must have been emptied of chickens that were to be slaughtered, and the animals you see in the film are individuals who for some reason did not come with the slaughter car.

- There are rules for how to kill chickens and what you see in the film are not allowed killing methods. If it has happened as it looks in the film, it is not acceptable, says Lotta Berg, veterinarian and researcher at SLU, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, who works with slaughter and killing issues.

The film was shot at the end of June outside one of AB CA Cedergren's stables with laying hens in Mönsterås. The company produces about fifteen percent of Sweden's eggs, which makes them Sweden's largest egg producer. The stables have about 1.4 million laying hens.

No staff at night

The management of CA Cedergren says that they know for sure that it is not their own staff that can be seen in the pictures.

- We have no staff here at night, but it is this external company that is here, says Maria Cedergren who is in the management team for AB CA Cedergren.

The company that is claimed to be the ones seen in the video should be a cleaning company, but CA Cedergren does not want to give the name of the company, so the information can not be checked.

The egg producer will now investigate what has happened and what measures should be introduced.

- It's too damn, it's not acceptable and it must not happen, says Maria Cedergren.

CA Cedergren returned to SVT after the interview and stated that they had now terminated the cleaning company with immediate effect.

Can be a prosecution

After SVT showed the film to the County Administrative Board in Kalmar, which are the ones to check that the animal welfare laws are complied with in the county, a press release comes that the County Administrative Board initiates a supervisory case against the farm.

- I was shocked by what I saw. We have already obtained information which, in my opinion, can form the basis for a prosecution report, says Fredrik Ustrup, acting head of unit at the Animal Unit, in the press release.

Governor Cecilia Schelin Seidegård also reacts strongly to the information.

- No animals should have to suffer in the way that Fredrik described to me. We must take this very seriously, she says in the press release.

The County Administrative Board will now hand over the case to the police and prosecutors for further investigation.