German travelers returning from high-risk countries must be tested for the coronavirus from Saturday, the German health minister Jens Spahn announced on Thursday morning. Persons who refuse a test risk a fine of up to 25,000 euros.

Spahn does not rule out further restrictions. Among other things, the minister wants to find out which celebrations and meetings are still justified, but does not expect shops to close soon.

The minister is concerned about the increase in the number of new infections. Just hours earlier, the Robert Koch-Institut reported over a thousand new cases, the largest daily number of new infections since May.

According to Spahn, the German health system is not under pressure and is far from being discussed, but he is concerned about the increase.

"I understand that residents are fed up with the measures, but they should abandon the idea that the pandemic was never really a health risk," said Spahn.

Clusters discovered on work floors and among returning travelers

In recent weeks, many clusters of infections have been observed in offices and among returning travelers. Germans who have been in one of the Balkan countries or Turkey, in particular, would have tested positive for the coronavirus.

Spahn explains that not only travel and poorer adherence to the corona measures have led to the increase. The minister emphasizes that more tests have been conducted in recent weeks than before.