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United Kingdom is recalling 50 million medical mouth masks
The United Kingdom is recalling 50 million mouth masks due to potential health risks. These are FFP2 mouth masks, which must protect doctors against the coronavirus.

Tests have shown that the mask is too loose and therefore does not stop all drops. The Netherlands also uses FFP2 masks, but the Ministry of Health reports in conversation with that no risks have been identified in our country. This may be because masks from other suppliers are used.

The British masks were supplied by Ayanda Capital and cost the UK government, along with 150 million other mask types, £ 252 million (€ 280 million). The bulk of that amount was spent on the FFP2 masks.

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Dutch travelers to Finland must be quarantined
Travelers traveling from the Netherlands to Finland must be quarantined for fourteen days from Monday on arrival. The Finnish government announced this. The reason is the recent increase in the number of corona infections in the Netherlands. The measures also apply to travelers from Belgium and Andorra.

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For the first time since April, more than 600 new infections
have been confirmed in the past 24 hours, 601 new corona infections , according to figures from RIVM. This is the figure for the first time since late April above 600. However, only one new hospital admission has been reported, as well as zero deaths from the virus.

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Breakout in supermarket Brabantse Wouw
Several employees of a supermarket in the Brabant village of Wouw (Roosendaal) have become infected with the corona virus, reports BN De Stem . It is not clear exactly how many employees are involved. The infected employees were immediately quarantined. In the meantime, the supermarket will remain open, using employees from other branches. Some employees also return from their holidays earlier, according to a spokesperson.

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Call to corona testers: what is it like to work in the test lane?
As of June, everyone in the Netherlands can have a corona test, and hundreds of thousands of tests have already been carried out on people with mild complaints. We know that side of the story, but what is it really like to be on the test street? is looking for people who work at the GGD and who want to tell about their experiences.

Share your experiences here

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VO Council wants OMT to provide ventilation advice before the start of the school year.
The VO Council, the umbrella organization of secondary schools, wants the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) to provide advice on ventilation before the schools open on 17 August. Ventilation systems may play a role in the spread of the coronavirus. Read more here .

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The local GGDs give people who come to test themselves some tips.

Appointment in our test street? Avoid being too early and therefore having to wait a long time in your hot car. # Heat plan Tip: take a bottle of water with you.

AvatarAvatar Author GGD Gooi en Vechtstreek Moment of places 13: 49 - 6 August 2020

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The Ministry of Health asks people to continue to observe the fight against the corona virus in their fight against the heat.

Do you go out on the terrace with the nice weather or with friends to the park or the beach? Avoid busy places and keep 1.5 meters away. If you have any complaints, stay at home and get tested More information https️ #AlleenSamen

AvatarAuthor Ministry of VWSMoment of places13: 08 - 6 August 2020

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In the Vietnamese city of Danang, which is the epicenter of a new outbreak in the country, the local sports stadium has been converted into a 1,000-bed emergency hospital. (Photo: Reuters )

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Lung nurses: 'We are not mentally ready for the second wave'
Lung nurses Maaike Vriens and Janine Heestermans said last night in the talk show Op1 that their profession is not ready for a second corona wave. They see that colleagues have yet to recover from the first wave. "When you enter a corona patient, you see panic in certain people."

Lung nurses: 'We are not mentally ready for the second wave'

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People around the world continue to express their appreciation to medical personnel. This mural in Mexico City was made in honor of all health workers who have succumbed to the effects of the corona virus themselves. (Photo: Pro Shots )

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Employers' association: Corona crisis curbs wage increase in new collective labor agreements
In collective labor agreements concluded since the outbreak of COVID-19, the wage increase is significantly lower than in the agreements that were concluded earlier this year, employment conditions adviser AWVN reports on the basis of the collective labor agreements on Thursday which have been closed so far in 2020.

The smaller wage increase since the corona outbreak is especially true for market sectors. Public sectors have seen a larger wage increase since the outbreak. Read more here .

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Germany obliges travelers from high-risk countries to a corona test
German travelers returning from high-risk countries must be tested for the corona virus from Saturday, the German health minister Jens Spahn announced on Thursday morning. Persons who refuse a test risk a fine of up to 25,000 euros. Read more here .

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Halsema and GGD talk with student associations 
Amsterdam's mayor Femke Halsema and GGD deal with various student associations in the city talking about include the introductory and hazing period. The reason for the conversation is the increasing number of confirmed infections in the city.

The Amsterdam Student Corps and the Amsterdam Female Student Association (ASC / AVSV) decided earlier this week to cancel the introduction time of this year, after four members of the association tested positive for the corona virus.

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Tourism industry: Fewer and fewer people want to go on holiday
As the corona crisis continues, the number of Dutch, Belgians, Germans and British with holiday plans continues to decrease. This is evident from a study published on Thursday by the Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions (NBTC) and Schiphol into the holiday plans of a thousand inhabitants of each of these countries.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, NBTC and Schiphol regularly assess the status of holiday plans and bookings. A striking result is that the influence of the corona crisis on holiday plans is increasing.

The most striking example of this is Belgium, whose inhabitants have become even more reluctant to arrange a holiday. "This is partly due to the sharp increase in the number of corona infections in Belgium," says Jos Vranken, the general manager of NBTC.

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Brazilian court: Government must protect tribes
The Supreme Court in Brazil  ruled that the government of Jair Bolsonaro should take measures to protect the original inhabitants of the country against the corona virus. The government has been given a thirty-day deadline.

Brazilian tribes have been severely affected by the corona virus. According to APIB, the umbrella organization of the tribes, 631 original inhabitants have died from the effects of the virus. Corona infections have been diagnosed in half of the three hundred strains.

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Bicycle bells on shopping trolleys in the village of Hoek in Zeeland
A supermarket in the village of Hoek in Zeeland has provided shopping trolleys with bicycle bells.

Customers can use this to warn others to keep a distance. "I thought: we have to deal with it in a playful way," says supermarket owner Eric Ruben to Omroep Zeeland .

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ING sees profit plummet due to corona problems at companies
ING Bank saw its profit shrink in the second quarter by almost 80 percent and reach EUR 299 million.

This is because the bank has to set aside money for loans that may not be repaid by companies that have run into problems because of the corona crisis. This is evident from the quarterly figures that the company published Thursday.

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Holiday park stay almost 12 percent more expensive than last year
Prices for a stay in a holiday park in July were a whopping 11.8 percent higher than in the same month last year. Partly as a result of this, the average price level of services and goods in the Netherlands rose by 1.7 percent last month, Statistics Netherlands CBS reports.

A stay in a holiday park in June 2020 was only 1.4 percent more expensive than in the same month last year. The price probably rose so sharply in July because many Dutch people decided quite late to go on holiday this summer, but then in their own country.

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'Cabinet wants to ban introduction weeks'
The Cabinet wants to cut through the introduction weeks of students, RTL Nieuws and  NOS report on the basis of insiders. 

The official decision will be taken today. Since students play an important role in the accelerated spread of the coronavirus, the chances of the acquaintances continuing would be small.

Tonight at 7 pm Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) will hold a press conference on the corona virus. New measures are not excluded.

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Number of infections in Germany is increasing faster
In Germany, the number of registered infections is increasing faster, reports the Robert Koch-Institut. 1,045 infections were reported in the last 24 hours, while 741 tests were found to be positive on Wednesday.

In Germany, 213,067 people have tested positive for the corona virus so far. 9,175 corona patients died.

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Brit blows trumpet until no more corona patients die
The British veteran Paul Goose has been blowing The Last Post on his trumpet for 130 days in a row  . He has vowed to stop until the death of corona patients in the UK, reports BBC News .

Every night, Goose broadcasts his game live on Facebook. He dedicates it to employees of the National Health Service (NHS). 

In the UK, over 46,000 people have died from the effects of the coronavirus. (Photo: Facebook / Paul Goose)

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What do we expect from the unexpected coronapers conference?
While the cabinet closed the last corona papers conference with a degree of relief six weeks ago, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) are forced to break off their holidays to address the country on Thursday evening. The goal: to get everyone back on track. Curious about what we can expect? Read it here .

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Facebook removes message from Trump for misinformation about coronavirus
Facebook on Wednesday removed a message from US President Donald Trump, which the company said contained false claims about the coronavirus.

The report was an excerpt from the President's interview with the American news channel Fox News . In it, Trump says that children are "virtually immune" to the coronavirus.

"This excerpt contains the false claim that a group of people may be immune to COVID-19," said a Facebook spokesperson. "That violates our policy of sharing harmful disinformation about COVID-19."

It is the first time that Facebook has removed a message from Trump because of disinformation about the corona virus. Earlier, Facebook posts were removed from the president because of the spread of hatred and a copyright claim.

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'Ventilation system probably spread coronavirus in nursing home'
During a corona outbreak in a nursing home in Maassluis, the ventilation system of the building probably played a role in the spread of the virus, de Volkskrant  and  EenVandaag report   on the basis of a confidential RIVM report.

Seventeen residents and eighteen employees of De Tweemaster nursing home were infected in June, while the staff wore surgical masks. The masks only went off during breaks. Six residents eventually died from COVID-19.

Because the number of infections from unknown causes rose rapidly, the ventilation system in the shared living room was investigated. Particles of the coronavirus were then found on parts of the ventilation system that circulate air through one room. Read more here .

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Growing number of new infections in France and Spain
In France and Spain, the number of new infections has risen again. In France, 1,695 new cases were recorded on Wednesday, the largest number since the end of May. In Spain, 1,772 new infections were noted on Wednesday. Most of them are located in Madrid and the northeast of the country.

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'Source and contact research complicated because people conceal locations'
The GGDs have difficulty conducting source and contact research in people who are infected with the corona virus, because they are often not completely honest about where they may have contracted the virus. "If you asked someone where they had been a few weeks ago, it was two or three places. Now, especially with younger people, it concerns ten places," said GGD director Sjaak de Gouw on NPO Radio 1.

"We see in more regions that people are hiding where they have been. For example, they do not want others to be quarantined for a fortnight or do not want to tell them that they have been at an illegal party. We are not a police, we are a health service. We don't pass on that data, but we do need it to do our job well. "

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426 new infections, 30 corona patients ic
According to the corona dashboard of the government, the number of confirmed infections in the Netherlands increased in the past 24 hours 426. Just like the past few days, approximately half of all new infections in men between twenty and forty years.

Thirty COVID-19 patients are in an intensive care unit. That is four patients more than yesterday. There are 88 corona patients in other departments, an increase of 5 compared to yesterday.

"The number of COVID-19 patients on the IC is now greater than in July. Based on the number of new infections, we expect a further increase in the next two weeks," writes chairman Ernst Kuipers of the Landelijk Netwerk Acute Zorg.

"More than half of the admitted COVID-19 patients are located in the ROAZ regions of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. This corresponds to the regional differences in the number of new infections."

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